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Philosophical Essays

"Have you observed when an archer shoots an arrow, he succeeds partly by pulling, partly by letting go? "
 But in practical life, most often, most of us, fail to practice the second part of  archery's basic principle. We don't let outselves go. We keep on pulling, exerting, stressing and what not, except letting go. We equip ourselves with all kinds of knowledge and use that knowledge to pull us and every one else around us. Have we ever thought of, for once, letting going all that knowledge? Just allowing oneself to unlearn. Wealth, wisdom, knowledge, power --   all are instruments for pulling us. They are necessary upto a point. At a stage we have to let them go. Otherwise, arrow will remain in our hand.
Success depends on knowing when to stop pulling and when to let go things.


On this page I wil include some of my philosophical reflections

These are more to elicit response and not necessarily final positions

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Shouldn't we all be asking  questions about the objective and ultimate aims of life?

The arrived answer to the enquiry on objective of life would depend on from which pole one has started. If one has begun from a religious stand point the answer would be one of God realisation and if one has started from a biological continuity angle then the answer would be one of the link of a long chain of continuum. The point that is to be remembered is not to mix science and faith. As fo today's scientific advancement it is mad to mix the two, as Galelio once did and thee is no need. Faith can stand on its own and scientific enquiry can continue in the scientific way.

While many an academic philosopher has proceeded to explore the universe and life on the basis of writings of others and used philosophical jargon and sleights of hand such as logical positivism or hermeneutics of lingjusitic fecundity, the genuine searchers have based gtheir obaservations on their life experience. Perhaps one has more to gain from such gurus whose approaches are simple and direct.